Defying climate change: Climate adaptation + climate protection with climate-resilient and sustainable building products for new buildings and refurbishment

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Rating system

Certification of building products

Climate change is here, and the conse­quences of climate extremes such as heat records, heavy rain and storms are endangering people and buildings. It is therefore a matter of slowing down climate change through sustainable and efficiently produced building prod­ucts, but also of protecting against the increasing climate extremes.

Climate-safe building products must therefore be efficient, sustainably pro­duced, free of pollutants, resilient to climate extremes and capable of being recycled. However, transparent evalu­ation systems for these criteria do not yet exist.

With the initiative „“, ift Rosenheim has developed a valua­tion method that enables a transparent statement on the „climate safety“ of building components on the basis of recognised rules and standards.

The evaluation includes criteria of the product and the company (produc­tion). The result is a weighted indicator that companies can market with the associated label „“ in a promotionally effective way.

Further information on details and costs is available on request.

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Christoph Seehauser

Deputy Head Sustainability

Jürgen Benitz-Wildenburg

Head of PR & technical Communication

Further information and knowledge content on climate-proof building

Special show

BAU Munich and ift Rosenheim's special show at BAU 2025 will use fully functional fully functional exhibits to show which materials, constructions and technologies can be used to make public and commercial buildings become more sustainable and offer better protection against climate extremes.

Are you interested in participating as a co-exhibitor with your product or service?


Das Bild zeigt das Key-Visual der Sonderschau, eine Zukunfts-Landschaft mit Windrädern, Häusern aus Glas sowie die Logos des ift, der Messe und das Label klima.sicher.bauen. (Quelle: ift Rosenheim)
Sonderschau „klima.sicher.bauen“ auf der Fensterbau Frontale 2024 – Schutz vor Klimaextremen mit klimaresilienten und nachhaltigen Fenstern, Türen und Fassaden (Quelle: ift Rosenheim)
Die Grafik zeigt den Querschnitt eines Hauses mit verschiedenen Wetterextremen, dem es ausgesetzt ist (Hitze, Starkregen, Hurrikan,...).

Climate-proof Building for The Future

The technical article provides information on requirements and assessment methods for climate-resilient and sustainable building products. The complete article can be found free of charge on the ift Rosenheim website.


Market research “climate-proof building”

In order to obtain reliable information about the interest of planners, manufacturers, dealers and builders in the topics of sustainability and climate-resilient building, ift Rosenheim conducted an online survey together with B+L Marktdaten. Further information on the survey and insights into the results can be found on the ift Rosenheim website.

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House roofs with photovoltaic systems
Hände pflanzen Setzling in Erde ein

Certification of sustainability

For manufacturers and processors of building elements, ift Rosenheim offers the possibility of mapping various sustainability aspects of their products via the environmental product declaration, the sustainability product passport, the CO2 footprint and the measurement of VOC emissions.